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Sakura Child Counselling

Missy – Play Therapist, Family Counsellor

Internal Family Systems Practitioner 

Hi, my name is Missy! I’m a trauma-informed, clinically trained play therapist, and an Internal Family Systems therapy practitioner (IFS Level 2). 

My journey began as a school volunteer, supporting children with big behaviours at the local school where my children attended. They were all struggling with self-regulation, having frequent meltdowns and many aggressive episodes at school/home, and at times they were showing signs of anxiety - feeling scared and anxious. After the 5 years of my volunteer experience, I became very curious about children’s behaviours, and human minds in general. My curiosity led me to study and work in this field in a professional capacity.

Since, I have had the privilege of supporting many families with children exhibiting various behaviours and I witnessed endless heartwarming transformations in both the children and the family.

I have many mums and dads ending up in my clinic saying “we’ve tried everything, and nothing really worked, and my child’s behaviour is getting worse every day!” I understand how difficult the journey has been, and how exhausted, hopeless and helpless you feel at times supporting a child with big behaviours. I am here to support you and your family through the most difficult times.

I am passionate about my work and I truly care about my clients and their families and always do my absolute best to support every client I meet!

Registered member of Australian Counselling Association

Associate member of Australian Play Therapists Association

Advanced Play Therapy Clinical Training

Circle of Security Parenting Course Facilitator

Internal Family Systems Therapy practitioner (L2)

Missy  McCasker

Josephine (Jo) – Teen and Adult Counsellor

Hello, my name is Jo. Adolescence is the important period between 11 years (early adolescence) and 25 years (late adolescence). Given the length of this stage and the inevitable changes, it is no surprise it can be a difficult period to navigate for young people and carers. I have a strong interest in working with adolescents and their loved ones to help understand the purpose of this life stage in terms of brain development, maintaining important connections and building on existing strategies and ways of being to thrive during this time. My therapeutic approach draws from collaborative, competency based approaches, however particularly when working with clients in this age group, I like to integrate creative and expressive activities, strategies and tools to aide with engagement, expression and exploration within counselling sessions. I like to think I am known as a caring, warm and reflective practitioner, who prioritises learning to bring the best outcomes for clients. I value authenticity and kindness, and pride myself in bringing these qualities to the therapy room. My formal training in counselling (undergraduate and masters level), as well as various other training on a range of presenting issues, can provide you with confidence I have the knowledge and skills to support you or your loved one.

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Registered member of Australian Counselling Association

Josephine Lapthorn

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